Five benefits of a water feature

Corten water wall with side planters

Five benefits of a water feature

Water features and good garden design have long gone hand in hand. Magnificent water gardens were made popular in the 17th century in many of Britain’s stately homes and continued in the iconic designs of Capability Brown, a man who understood the power of a well-placed water feature in his sweeping, seemingly never-ending landscapes. Excellent for nature and our own well-being, contemporary design continues to include water, in increasingly inventive ways.

Few of us have the capacity for a full horizon-sweeping water garden, but adding a feature to your outdoor space is an excellent way to reap the many benefits that centuries of garden lovers have enjoyed.

Read on for our top five benefits of water features.

  1. Water is perfect for encouraging wildlife to your garden. From bringing new species to your space to helping keep birds and small mammals hydrated, you’ll be helping create natural habitats that are full of life.
  2. The soothing sounds of water are solace for the soul! For adding tranquillity to your outdoor space, nothing beats the gentle lull of moving water.
  3. Water features are suitable for all manner of spaces. Modern features come in all shapes and sizes meaning there’s always one to fit your garden. From water walls and smaller circular features to troughs running the length of your garden, there’s something for everyone. Talk to us about our bespoke service, we love a challenge!
  4. Add value to your property. In our last newsletter we talked about a recent report from Foxtons estate agents who revealed that an appealing garden can add as much as 20% to the overall price of a property.
  5. They’re very low maintenance. Compared to a pond, the nature of the moving water of a water feature gives the benefits without the hard work. And who doesn’t love that?


Are you curious to know more? Take a look at our range of water features.

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