Garden Design Ideas for Spring

Garden Design Ideas for Spring

Garden design ideas to boost your garden for spring.

Blue skies have emerged, the sun is beginning to defrost us after many cold winter months and the air even seems to have a fresher scent. Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor space. The spring months are also the time for planting many flowering plants and vegetables. However, don’t fear if your garden has become a little forgotten and sad looking over winter. We’re here to share a few simple garden design ideas for sprucing up your garden. These tips will not only turn your garden into a beautiful space that you can enjoy unwinding in but also into one that you are proud to show off and enjoy entertaining friends and family in.

Planting in spring

Spring offers perfect planting conditions for many flowering plants. One of our favourite spring plants are gladioli. Gladoli are easy to grow and add a beautiful splash of colour to any green space. We would advise buying a good amount of gladioli and planting 10 – 20 corms every other week from early May to July to ensure flowers throughout summer and autumn.

As the days become longer and the weather becomes warmer spring offers the perfect conditions to plant many vegetables. In fact, the majority of vegetables require planting during the spring months.

If you have a vegetable patch then spring is the time to get planting! Some of our favourite options for planting in spring are beetroot, spinach and classic carrots. Growing your own vegetables is certainly one of the most rewarding garden activities. An exciting journey throughout the process from plant to plate. A well kept vegetable patch is also a beautiful sight to behold in any outdoor space.

If you don’t currently have a vegetable space in your garden then spring is the perfect time to start one. Our Circle of Life Vegetable Planter is a great option for beginners as the contained vegetable growing space has been set up for you, no need for any of the labour required to build a vegetable bed. The Circle of Life Vegetable Planter also has a space for herbs, so that you can nurture your favourite herbs too. 

Have a spring clean!

If your garden has become home to a number of disused pieces of garden furniture, empty plant pots or dead plants; now is the time to repair, fill, repaint or get rid of them. 

Invest in a quality focal point

Is there a big piece that you’ve been thinking about adding to your garden for a while now? Whether it is a chimenea, water feature or sculpture you can make the most of the many warm months ahead by adding it now!

Investing in a quality focal point is unmistakably our tip with the biggest impact. Often the addition of a large piece will entirely change the look and feel of your outdoor space. Adding a functional piece such as a fire pit or a chimenea will not only upgrade the appearance but also the experience offered by your garden. Any outdoor evening entertaining will now be filled with fire and heat. Similarly adding a statement planter will upgrade both the aesthetics of your garden whilst also broadening the variety of planting options in your garden.

You can now browse and buy a range of our pieces in The Langton Garden Centre and check out the full range of pieces available on our webshop.

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