Metalworking with an AMADA press brake

Metalworking with an AMADA press brake

Quality and efficiency are always top priorities with the items we manufacture in the Arthur Francis Sculpture studio. As our workshop became increasingly busy we realised we were in need of a machine that would enhance our process whilst still considering eco-conscious manufacturing. That’s why we decided to add an AMADA press brake to our workshop family. Here’s why we chose AMADA and how we have been using the press brake.

AMADA is now a world leader in the field of sheet metal production equipment and technical innovation within the metalworking industry. AMADA fit our brief, complimented our goals and their HFE-M2 Series offered the accuracy and efficiency that we needed. AMADA are at the forefront of press brake innovation and product development, hence why we were so excited to get the machinery up and running, on our site!

We use the AMADA HFE-M2 Series press brake, to bend the metal for all of our planters, the machinery allows us the freedom to create some of our more specialised designs and to think outside the box (literally) when it comes to the shapes that we can create. The machine constantly monitors the bending requirements to self-optimise and ensure perfect accuracy! All in all enabling us to produce accurate folds and intricate shapes which can be repeated time and time again. Plus, the ‘instant reactive’ beam will ensure that the angles produced are always consistent and accurate, creating the extremely high quality of product that we require.

As we mentioned in our previous article on the benefits of the widely acknowledged Shop Local initiative, we always like to consider the environmental impact of our products, and love the fact that the stop-start technology implemented by AMADA reduces power consumption by a frequency inverter which controls the motor pump, only operating when necessary, allowing a massive power saving of 50%!

AMADA also have a focus on providing environmentally-friendly, energy-saving products to the metalwork industry.  And, like us champion a focus on eco-conscious manufacturing and strive to include any resource saving initiatives possible within their designs and machinery. This is a perfect fit for our own morals and aims, we are proud to utilise the AMADA machinery in our everyday metalwork practice. Every little helps as we strive forward with encouraging the purchase of UK manufactured items, and encouraging consumers to step away from plastic and consider what other materials their products could be made from.

How many people does it take to install an AMADA press brake? We managed to get this fantastic video of the day our shiny new AMADA machine arrived on the back of a lorry and all of the work it took to get it in place in our workshop.

Arthur Francis AMADA press brake delivery

And here’s just a few of the things we have been creating with our AMADA press brake so far. Check out our planter portfolio to see some more of our planters.

And here’s the AMADA press brake settling in to it’s new home. The time lapse illustrates how efficiently the machine can be used to press copper. What do you think we were making?