Introducing our NEW One of a Kind range

Introducing our NEW One of a Kind range

Sustainability is at the forefront of most businesses’ and people’s minds. How can we cut down on waste and limit what we use?

We wanted to be sure that any sustainability initiatives we decided on made a very real and tangible impact. Which is why we’re so excited to share our latest One of a Kind range with you.

As well as being exquisitely designed and expertly crafted right here in our rural Leicestershire workshop, some of the pieces have been created using up-cycled materials. And what better timing to tell you all about the range than during Recycle Week 2022!

Our joint-founder Paul has personally imagined and crafted each piece. His vision? To use as much as possible from the workshop so that nothing goes to waste.


Unique pieces perfectly at home in any outdoor space

Made up of five unique, eye-catching designs, the range includes fences, planters and sculptures that would sit right at home within any outdoor space.

Take the Pipewell Pine Sculpture, this three-dimensional piece adds a touch of elegance to a garden while fully embracing our sustainability initiatives. Paul takes the inner cut-outs of two Bowden leaves, and welds them together to create the striking sculpture.

Similarly, the Farndon Vine and Farndon Nail Fence make use of recycled masonry nails and an unused fence and post that Paul found in the workshop. Each sculpture replicates the vine’s natural growing process and graceful movement of nature. A lovely nod to the eco-friendly way in which it has been crafted.


The star of the show – Corten Steel

Each piece incorporates the use of Corten steel – a strong and striking metal that has a beautifully ever-changing aesthetic due to its weathering process.

Corten steel’s versatility knows no bounds. It works within both traditional and more contemporary gardens, either as a star-of-the-show centrepiece or nestled within borders.


Reducing waste whilst creating art

Our aim is to reduce waste as much as possible, and in creating a range that makes use of any offcuts and materials we have around the workshop – as well as utilising Paul’s artistic flair! – we’re able to do just that.

It’s these lightbulb moments from Paul and the team that allow us to contribute to recycling and sustainability initiatives in a real way.


If you’d like to view the One of a Kind range and find out more about each piece, take a look here.