Corten Business Sculpture Commission- Telford Mann

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Corten Business Sculpture Commission- Telford Mann

We are always excited when businesses come to us with sculpture commission ideas. Particularly when they have an idea for a Corten business sculpture commission. Where do we start when commissioned to create a business sculpture? For us, creating sculptures for businesses is all about finding the most effective way of expressing their brand in metal and working with the client to deliver their vision.


Telford Mann is a respected firm of chartered financial planners and discretionary investment managers. They came to us as they had an idea for a business sculpture commission. They wanted something unique, striking and long-lasting…they’d come to the right place!

So, how do we start the creation of a corten business sculpture?

The brief started with their logo, and the first thing that struck us was how brilliantly their brand colours could be expressed in Corten steel (also known as weathering steel). Corten steel, organically evolves to its environment, producing a vibrant orange patina. Which almost exactly matches the colours of the Telford Mann logo. Not only were the clours a perfect match but a Corten finish also protects the steel from further rust or abrasion. It was a no brainer, Corten steel was the perfect material for this project.


We are proud to see our sculpture taking pride of place, located centrally outside the Telford Mann buildings. A welcoming beacon to staff and visitors alike.


Here’s what Telford Mann has to say about their Corten steel sculpture:

“When we were planning the building of our new office, one of the features we wanted to include was an outside seating area to allow us to enjoy the natural surroundings of the site. We needed a central feature for the seating area and Brent suggested he could create a bespoke sculpture for our needs. Brent took his inspiration from our hexagon logo and created the beautiful corten iron sculpture. Which now sits central to the patio area of our offices, swiftly becoming a focal point for passing traffic.


The evolution of the sculpture was fascinating to see and the final look complements the ironstone feel of the office and is also an historic nod to the ironstone quarry which used to occupy our site. The dimensions of the sculpture provide depth and changing perspectives throughout the day as the sun moves round the area. The corten steel finish is dynamic, changing its appearance depending upon the weather. A shower of rain darkens it surface and when it dries it regains its rich red hue.


As the seasons change, with the sculpture lit from below, we can always show off the sculpture, a symbol of our business, but also a quality work of art created by the Arthur Francis team.”


– Jilly Mann and Jon Telford, Joint Managing Directors at Telford Mann


Still have a question about the process of creating a corten steel sculpture?


We recorded the whole process and sped it up to demonstrate all of the work that goes into creating a business sculpture commission like this one. You can see the full video on our Youtube channel.


Got an idea for a sculpture for your business? Or do you need a little inspiration to help develop your business sculpture idea? Whether you’re looking for a Corten business sculpture commission, or a bright pink steel sculpture. We can take on any nature of business sculpture commission. More examples of past commissions can be seen on our portfolio page. Contact us on email: to chat about your personal or business commission ideas.