Queen’s Crown Corten Sculpture

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About This Project


Queen’s Crown Corten Sculpture


A valued, long-time customer contacted us a couple of days before the Queen’s Jubilee to ask if we could create a long-lasting Corten sculpture of the Queen’s Crown to celebrate the occasion.


Our design team crafted this striking crown, engraved with wording for maximum visual impact. The idea was that the piece could sit naturally within the garden after the celebrations, complementing the customer’s existing Arthur Francis Corten planters.


Bespoke Corten steel sculptures


Based on your brief we can create bespoke stylish metal sculptures to suit any style or location, or we can develop your ideas into a finished work of art.


Our in-house designers will conceptualise your sculpture via detailed CAD drawings before we start. Our experienced craftsmen will then create and finish the project in our rural workshops.


All our pieces are crafted to a high specification using a variety of techniques – both traditional and modern – as well as the latest plasma-cutting technologies.


For more examples of our steel sculpture work, take a look at our portfolio.


Why Corten steel?


Corten steel signs offer an industrial, rustic-style effect and pop against any backdrop.


Cor-Ten is a brand name for steel alloys which were developed to be weather-proof, even without paint. It’s also referred to as ‘weathering steel’, ‘rusty steel’ and ‘Corten’.


The material organically adapts to its environment, producing a vibrant orange patina. This not only protects the steel but creates a stunning finish.


Weathered steel is suitably stable. Rather than rusting entirely, the surface transforms over time in a consistent way that prevents further corrosion. The way it weathers will be as unique and attractive as your design.


Do you have an idea for a bespoke piece?


If you’re considering commissioning a project or would like to discuss a bespoke piece, you can get in touch using our contact us form, by emailing enquiries@afsculpture.uk or calling 01858 419 940.

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