Corten Steel Chiminea

Corten Steel Chiminea Corten Steel Chiminea Corten Steel Chiminea
Corten, Garden, Outdoor
About This Project

Here we have a striking addition to our Corten range.  We have created a dual purpose piece that has function and also looks great when it is not being used. Like all of our pieces, the chiminea provides a superb focal point for a garden patio or courtyard. Ideal for use on long social summer evenings and cosy cold winter nights alike, the chiminea is functional throughout the year.

An intricate pattern has been profiled into the front face of the chiminea- this detail helps with heating the surrounding air on cold nights but also creates a mesmerising effect as the flames ripple behind the pattern. The Chiminea is made from corten weathering steel, so as the piece matures, a protective patina forms on the surface that will produce a stunning deep burnt orange colouration.

The Chimnea can be fed small fuel items (kindling, wood and coal briquettes) from the circular opening to the front of piece. Larger logs can be fed from the top.

Dimensions:  Height 1325mm Width 705mm Depth 300mm