Glade House in Sevenoaks, Kent

Luxury Corten Projects
About This Project


The Brief


The client had appointed an architect to oversee a whole home and garden remodel. Outdoor work included balustrade panels and a support framework for an area around the swimming pool, decorative privacy screens for annexing the garden, a poolside seating area, a fire pit, mirrored stainless capping shoes to the slate facade and interconnecting planters to the side patio elevation.


The Process


Working with the architect and designer we: 

  • Undertook an initial site visit to discuss the plans and take measurements
  • Provided quotes based on the drawings and site visit
  • Supplied CAD drawings of all pieces
  • Crafted the pieces in our workshop 
  • Liaised with the architect at every stage so any issues that arose were dealt with immediately. This helped us keep to time frames and ensure the project ran smoothly
  • Completed site visits and installation visits to tie in with other contractors’ timelines


The Result


The end result is a stunning, premium garden which is completely unique and works in perfect harmony with the house and its surroundings. The Corten materials complement other materials used across both the garden and house exterior renovation project while continuing the theme of clean lines and flow.


The decorative balustrade is a practical and eye-catching solution to screen the pool and create a zone. The seating area and fire pit have created a sociable hub for use both day and night.


The luxury, high-quality pieces look fantastic now, but due to Corten steel’s evolving exterior, will continue to weather and improve with age to last a lifetime.