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Dinosaur sculpture made from sheet steel with the base made from the sheet which the dinosaur was cut out from.

Garden, Sculpture
About This Project

Steel Dinosaur Sculpture


How many people do you know with a steel dinosaur in their garden? The Velociraptor Sculpture is an exciting piece that will bring something a little bit different to any outdoor space!


The sturdy Velociraptor stands tall on the very piece of metal from which he was cut. His cuboid base is made of folded sheet metal, and features what appears to be an attractive pattern. The pattern is in fact the piece left behind when the velociraptor shapes were cut out, before being assembled into a 3D shape. Which dinosaur pieces can you spot in the base?


This velociraptor is sure to bring endless excitement to those of all ages, he really is a great conversation starter!


Available to view in The Langton Garden Centre.


Size: base 50cm wide x 50cm high 124cm wide overall 150cm high.


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