Custom Corten Steel Signage for Home or Business


Whether your house has a number, a name, or even both, you can stand out from your neighbours with this vibrant rusty Corten steel signage….unless they all copy you and order one too that is! Prices start from £95.00 and vary depending on the size you require, please contact us to get a quote.


Signs for business

We don’t just make signage for your home, we also make custom signage for businesses of all types, whether your want to give your business a contemporary rusty statement, or an industrial looking signage….if it’s made from steel we can do it!

We design and produce Corten steel signage for home or business spaces, we can design metal signage to suit any style or location, or we can develop your ideas into finished works. Check out our previous custom projects here.


Finish options

We can also create metal signage with a lacquered  steel or painted steel finish. All of our work is made from 5mm thick Mill Test Certifed (MTC) steel. Sizes and prices vary depending on the size of your space, and the amount of letters or numbers that you would like to include, contact us on to get a quote or contact us.

A rustic take on the classic house name plaque. Corten steel signage adds an industrial or rustic style to any home or business. 

True craftsmanship

Custom signage projects are conceptualised by our in-house designers and our experienced craftsmen fabricate and finish the projects in our workshops. You will be able to see your metal signage design drafted up in detailed CAD drawings before we start.

Corten steel 

Corten or weathering steel, organically evolves to its environment, producing a vibrant orange patina, which not only protects the steel but creates a stunning finish. Also known as ‘Weathering steel’ or Cor-Ten steel, and often referred to as ‘Corten’ or simply called ‘rusty steel’. Cor-Ten is a brand name for steel alloys which were developed to be weather-proof even without paint.


Rather than rusting completely, the surface does rust over but in a consistent way that prevents further corrosion. Weathered steel offers an appealing and stable rusted finish, lending itself brilliantly to the creation of customised rustic signage.


All of our Corten steel signage pieces can be delivered in an un-weathered, partly weathered or fully weathered state. All lacquered steel signs or painted steel signs are coated to the highest quality.

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