Farndon Recycled Nail Sculpture

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Looking for a striking sculpture that’s also doing it’s bit for the environment? We present you with our intriguing Fardon Recycled Nail Sculpture….Yep, you guessed it, made from recycled nails!


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Recycled nail sculpture

The Farndon Recycled Nail Sculpture features a number of flower heads, made from masonry nails, popping out from a central body. Each flower head branches out from a central piece. This piece makes an unusual, and striking focal point and would be at home in any indoor or outdoor space. The abstract combination of flower heads and leaves, make a different form depending which way you look at it.


Working with family!

This piece has become a little famous among family and friends, and comes with a family story behind it. Arthur Francis Sculpture is a family run business, made up of a father and son duo and behind each Arthur Francis product, there is a blend of traditional craft techniques and state of the art technology. The pairing sometimes approach things from different angles and don’t always see eye-to-eye.


In the early stages of Arthur Francis Sculpture, Paul had spent hours creating an intricate flower head from masonry nails, and forming a sculpture from these intricate flower heads. He proudly presented this to Brent, excited to include this piece on an upcoming stall at a game fair. Brent however, wasn’t a fan, he said he didn’t want it become a part of their stand. However, Paul persevered, and the flower head made a feature on the stand. It gained a lot of attention from people at the fair and kicked the day off as the first sale of the day! Brent had to admit that his father had been right this time! You can now own your own recycled nail flower head sculpture, and re-tell the story that goes with it. It has proved to be a popular piece, and even Brent has grown to love the sculpture.


Sustainably produced

This piece is handmade by our talented team in rural Leicestershire, each piece has it’s own character and no two masonry nail flower head sculptures are the same.

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Dimensions 54 × 54 × 171.5 cm

Unweathered Corten Steel, Semi-weathered Corten Steel

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