Harrington Decorative Plinth Set

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A uniquely designed steel garden sculpture, our set of three Harrington decorative steel plinth garden sculptures are a striking focal feature.


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Uniquely designed, the Harrington plinth set is a decorative metal garden sculpture.


The set features three different height plinths to add structure and create a stunning focal feature. Each plinth is crafted and designed using a Brescia pattern which highlights the rusty orange of the Corten steel, especially in the evening if the plinths are lit up.


Corten steel organically evolves to its environment, producing a vibrant orange patina, which not only protects the steel but creates a stunning finish.


Size 1: Height 120cm, Width 37.5cm, Depth 37.5cm


Size 2: Height 90cm, Width 30cm, Depth 30cm


Size 3: Height 60cm, Width 20cm, Depth 20cm


Finish: Unweathered Corten steel | Semi-weathered Corten steel


Please note: Lights are not included.


This decorative garden art, like all our products, is handcrafted at our studio in the heart of rural England.


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Unweathered Corten Steel, Semi-weathered Corten Steel

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