Top garden design trends for 2024

Top garden design trends for 2024


With spring in full swing and warmer months just around the corner, we can all start looking forward to spending more time outside.

From gardens to balconies, patios to allotments, this time of year brings a renewed focus on outdoors spaces. So, whether you’re thinking about giving your garden a happy boost of colour or are keen to create a more practical space, we’ve rounded up the top garden design trends anticipated for this year to help inspire you.


Hard landscaping with natural and textured materials

Instead of manicured finishes and picture-perfect planters and features, 2024 is set to see gardeners embracing the wild and natural look. We’re already seeing a rise in demand for pieces crafted with more natural-looking materials, such as stone and weathered Corten steel. This gives the item an organic finish that embraces a rustic, one-of-a-kind feel.


Creating spaces to become more self-sufficient

With the cost of living continuing to rise, as well as a desire to reduce carbon footprint emissions, we can expect to see an increase in grow-your-own spaces this year. The size of your outdoor area doesn’t matter, as long as you have a spot for planters or raised beds you can begin growing some delicious fruit and vegetables.


Attracting wildlife with a watering hole

Water features are by no means a new trend, but their popularity and longevity continues to soar. As well as creating a sense of calm – perfect for mindful moments in the garden – they help attract all kinds of wildlife to your outdoor space. Whether to create architectural interest or keep the birds happy, they’re a must this year.


Making it your own

Of course every outdoor space is unique, but we’re expecting a rise in people personalising their gardens and outdoor spaces. Last year we saw an increase in commissions for unique, bespoke Corten features, such as terraced garden staircases and garden screening, with the benefit being that not only do they look great, they’re functional too.

If you’d like help fulfilling one of these garden design trends or have your own ideas and would love to discuss a bespoke project, get in touch. We’d love to help.


Photo credit: Eleanor Walpole Photography & Georgia Lindsay Landscape & Garden Design