3 Ways To Transform Your Small Garden

3 Ways To Transform Your Small Garden

Being short on space shouldn’t stop you from having the garden of your dreams. With clever planting and design, you can maximise the area you have available and create the special sanctuary you deserve. Plus, seeing as we’re spending more time at home than ever before, now is the perfect time to plan your inviting, new space.

To help, we’re sharing our top three tips on how to make the most out of your small, but perfectly formed, garden.

1. Separate your areas

There is a misconception that only large gardens need their own allocated areas, when in fact, dividing any garden into different sections adds interest and gives the illusion of more space. Whether you separate areas with tall plants or use decorative screens, it’s a great way to create a journey throughout your outdoor space and is perfect for creating boundaries between each zone.

The result? You’ll be able to relax in an area that feels a little more exclusive than your previous set-up and know that you’re making the most of every square inch. Plus, you won’t have to look at the vegetable patch, reminding you of all the gardening jobs that need your attention.

2. Add a focal point

Another way to transform modest gardens is to draw the eye to a stunning focal point. Acting as a destination, you’ll focus on the beauty of your garden, rather than the available space. Striking angles and intricately cut metal work not only create beautiful bespoke sculptures, but also bounce the light in different directions, adding depth to a space and casting shadows that change throughout the day.

Water features and planters with personality are also favourite focal points for many, as they bring soothing sounds and natural textures to the garden. Remember that focal points can be designed to reflect your personal style, keeping your garden unique and memorable.

3. Make use of dual-purpose furniture

Dual-purpose furnishings are a small garden’s best friend. Both stylish and practical, multi-purpose furniture means you can have everything you want in your garden, whilst occupying only half the space. Plus, it will create less clutter, making your garden feel bigger.

 We’ve designed our Rockingham Trough Seat with exactly this in mind, doubling up as a planter and a bench to maximise your available space. Alternatively, you can get creative and repurpose an existing furnishing, making it dual-purpose. For example, adding a mirrored back to a decorative screen instantly increases the sense of space and intensifies the feel of greenery and flowers.

However you’re looking to transform your small garden space, get in touch to see how we can help. Email us at enquiries@afsculpture.co.uk.