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Water Features

The sound of flowing water has always been seen as a relaxing, natural, energising sound. Capturing water to flow in the way we wish it to as water features has been a way of decorating outside and indoor areas for thousands of years. In modern times, water features have become decorative and therapeutic, but in ancient times, were installed for functional reasons, providing villages with essential water supplies. Prior to the 18th century, water features were powered by gravity or hydraulic systems. In more recent times, powering features via electricity or solar panels has allowed more extravagant, exciting and sophisticated designs and structures.

Famous and fabulous water features worldwide such as the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the Burj Khalifa Lake fountains in Dubai are stretching the boundaries of dancing water, the emerging art of fountains and music and the feats of engineering design that are truly awe-inspiring. Water features at this level are synonymous with luxury, opulence and extravagant.

No matter the size or space that you have, water features are now far more accessible than they have ever been- and less intrusive too. For the home, water features for the office space, for outside or as inside sculptures, water features are the new trend- a platform to provide relaxation, mindfulness and a disruption to daily stresses.

Water features can be fountains, ponds, streams, cascades, waterfalls or bubbling structures such as marble balls. Creating a relaxing atmosphere, increasing air quality and decreasing noise pollution or humidity. Although we are not your first choice for carving out Capability Brown style lakes or vistas, we are definitively your first choice for water features for any sized garden or space and budget.

Initially, we will listen to the ideal look you are hoping to achieve, design in sketch form and quote a price based on a variety of materials and options. We can create contemporary stainless-steel pillar box shelves, self-contained bubbling structures, or Corten steel naturally rusted fountains and features.

Recently in rural Leicestershire, we created a fountain for a homeowner who was landscaping his back garden from a cricket pitch to a manicured lawn with patio. The homeowner gave us an understanding of the design he was looking to achieve. We created sketches, looked at a variety of options from multiple moving fountains to a single spouting fountain. The final design saw a Corten steel trough encapsulating a water feature with a secret pumphouse reservoir hidden within. None of the workings of the feature sat externally meaning the finished design was crisp, modern and stylish.

corten water feature 2

Our client requested that the water feature was delivered and installed in a fully weathered state. Therefore, we used technical processes during cutting and manufacturing periods to speed up the patina process and enable us to delight the client as soon as the feature was in place in his garden.

The finished and installed water feature is shown here. Our clients were delighted with the outcome and commented that we were able to bring exactly their ideas to reality.

If you would like to speak to us for an initial, no-obligation consultation about adding a water feature to your garden, please call us on 07972 263364or complete the Contact Us form on our website.

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