Why you Should Shop Local

Why you Should Shop Local

The benefits and impact of supporting local businesses.

For the environment – 

Where you purchase your products actually has an impact on your carbon footprint. If your product has to take a ride on a train, plane or ship before hopping on a lorry to travel to your front door a higher number of damaging carbon gasses will have been emitted in its transportation.

To support local people –

A little bit like cheering on your local hero, it’s always more rewarding when the talent is homegrown. We love being able to champion our compatriots and celebrate their achievements.

Support British economy –

As Brexit becomes a growing concern and various statements are thrown around about the future of the economy we can all do our bit to keep business and trade booming in the UK. As they say ‘vote with your wallet’, and let your purchase choices be reflective of your support.

Help the local job industry to flourish – 

Similarly, as questions have been raised about trade, job security has been considered as we leave the European Union. Not only this but the job pinch has been felt for a number of years as a large amount of jobs have been outsourced and sent overseas for cheaper manufacturing! We think it’s time to bring some of the industries back home. The more people that switch their imported shopping habits to buying from a local retailer, the more jobs will be created. And, you never know, the local supplier you buy from may end up being the company that employs your struggling friend or family member to help them out when their business expands.

To get a product that has been created with compassion –

A company that is churning out a pile of items each day isn’t able to check the quality or functionality of each piece, and sadly, quality often falls to the bottom of their list of concerns. However, no small business owner will be happy without knowing that every single piece that leaves their warehouse or studio is flawless. Our own craftsmen here at Arthur Francis have many years experience in the strict disciplines of commercial fabrication and engineering, and with this skill and knowledge we pride ourselves in producing high quality pieces that are constructed from the best materials and are engineered to last.

To get a product that no one else has –

Our bespoke designs are sure to stun your guests with their individuality, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the exact same piece won’t be popping up in your neighbours garden if they take a fancy to yours!

To get exactly what you want –

Have you been scouring the internet looking for the planter or sculpture that you have an image of in your head but can’t find it anywhere!? With Arthur Francis we can develop your ideas, so whatever size, shape or colour you’re thinking, get in touch and we can make your dream a reality! We love a challenge!

Your purchase puts a smile on someone’s face –

We love it when our customers send us photos showing our pieces in their new homes, we get a rush of excitement to see our Corten steel sculptures weathering and our planters full of life. You don’t get that with a multinational corporation.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your garden or interior dreams a reality.