Hovering Butterfly

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This elegant mild steel sculpture features a hovering butterfly approaching a flower. We wanted to create something that looked stunning, yet celebrated the wonder of nature. The sight of a butterfly landing on a flower is a simple yet exquisite thing to see, we have recreated this moment in metal so that it will be there in all seasons.


The Hovering Butterfly makes a graceful addition for any garden or outdoor space. Whether your space is limited to a balcony or an expanse of acres you will be able to find a place where the Hovering Butterfly looks perfectly at home.


The metal flower has 3 layers of petals and an intricate cluster of small metal stamen. The butterfly itself features a detailed body design and a stunning cut out wing pattern true to the designs created by nature.


The Hovering Butterfly rests on two sleek, stem-like stalks, connected at the bottom and resting on two supporting feet, perfect for placing on decking, a patio slab or an outside table.


All of our products are made by our talented team in rural Leicestershire.


Size: 30cm wingspan, length of body 30cm, mounted on a 16mm bar steel frame

Paint colours: Pewter grey hammer finish, Black hammer finish, Anthracite grey, Other RAL colours are available on request.

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