The rewards of prior planning

The rewards of prior planning

“A garden is half-made when it is well planned. The best gardener is the one who does gardening by the winter fire.” Liberty Hyde Bailey.

Now is the time to plan for your perfectly unique 2024 outdoor space. In our experience, this can be one of the most rewarding parts of the process and makes a huge difference to the outcome.  If you’re struggling to get started with your planning read on for some tried and tested tips to help you achieve that perfect plot.

Start with a focal point

No matter how big or small your garden is it will need a focal point. This can be achieved with interesting planting, such as using architectural plants that add depth, or colour-considered flower planting. Choose a mix of spring, summer and autumn flowering plants for all-year-round colour. Our unique, handcrafted sculptures can also be used to draw the eye and create interest. Here are a few of our recommendations:


Go beyond the borders

Flowers and shrubs don’t need to be confined to beds and borders. Consider the use of planters and troughs to create structure in the garden or to add some floral joy to patios, porches and otherwise unadorned spaces.  Our favourites include:


Wild thing!

Attracting wildlife will always increase the joy of any outdoor space. Make yours a haven by feeding and watering birds and small mammals and you’ll be rewarded with many an interesting visitor.

Feeding stations don’t need to be an afterthought in style terms:


Make it your own 

Your garden should be unique, it’s your space that will grow and change with the seasons, rewarding your hard work and dedication.  Our bespoke service helps gardeners achieve their one-of-a-kind vision.

We’re here for commissions of all shapes and sizes. We love using our engineering experience to bring a brief to life. Take a look at some of our past projects here.


Bring in the professionals

If you need a helping hand, consider enlisting the services of an expert. We work with garden designers and landscapers on projects up and down the country. Their experience and imagination, and a fresh look, can open up interesting and exciting new ideas that you may not have considered yourself.


Would you like help to choose pieces for your grand design or discuss a bespoke project? Get in touch, we love a challenge!